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Your digital readiness is measurable, and it all starts with a self-assessment to give you a direct overview of how connected you are and where boosting meaningful connections will impact the most.  

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What's your plan?

The game has changed. Today's breakneck speed in commerce, rapid tech shifts, and global competition leave no room for outdated ways of working. It's time to adapt or be left behind. We know most companies like yours have already started their digital transformation journey, but the question is: do you know what to do next?  

Do you have a partner to help you keep up with unpredictability and rapid technical advancements? Do your employees have the right tools to excel and the knowledge to adopt and enjoy new technology?

World trends affecting your business

Older business models were built for stability. However, the unstable reality of today, affected by world turbulence and the technical advancements on the rise in the fourth industrial revolution, demands a new way of thinking about how an organization works, moves, and interacts with customers.

Supply chain disruption

What happens when your supply chain goes sideways? It's only one example of many we can make, but who can forget when one stuck cargo ship in the Suez Canal caused heaps of trouble? What if you had the insight and the agility to react quickly to such a disruption?

Call for sustainability

Global warming isn’t just a hot topic anymore. Your customers and employees demand it. And for most companies in the EU, it will be required under the CSRD to record, report, and reduce to stay compliant with the regulations. Are you equipped to handle that today?

Digital employee experience

Finding the right people is hard. Keeping them in your company is even harder. But are you ensuring that your people have a full Digital Employee Experience where performance, collaboration, and communication are made a breeze?

Evolving business models

Technical advancements have made redefining business models possible, like the shift to products as a service. Do you have an environment that fosters innovation?

Customer demands

Customers adopt trends and new technology at the flip of a switch and expect you to be ready for whatever comes next. And if you don’t answer with an agile approach, you can bet that someone else will.


We see companies struggling with their digitalization journey, trying to remove manual processes, automate, leverage data in decision-making, and create better customer and employee experiences. Will AI be the answer for all of the above?

It's all connected

We focus on becoming a "connected company" because we see how all domains of your business tie together. When you invest and improve in one end, other parts of your organization are positively affected simultaneously. Get ready to break down silos, boost efficiency, and exceed customer expectations. The future is connected, and we're here to help you thrive in it.

How it works

We guide you through a proven strategic transformation, step-by-step assessing and reimagining your current state, to road mapping what it could become.

You will enhance your business connectivity by leveraging user-friendly and cloud-ready technology, as well as ensuring your people adapt, enjoy, and flourish working with newly implemented solutions. Breaking down silos and fostering innovation throughout your business.

We want to be your trusted partner on this journey. Embrace the power of data, people, and a forward-thinking mindset.

Why partner with Fellowmind?

  • We understand your business and ambitions 
  • Relevant experience in both technology and industry 
  • Integrated approach towards digital transformation
  • Leading Microsoft partner in Europe 
  • We make people enjoy working with technology and make technology work for them

Innovating with Microsoft

As a trusted Microsoft Inner Circle Partner, we leverage state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies to innovate and disrupt traditional business processes. Our holistic approach focuses on people, helping your employees, customers, and partners adapt to new technologies and ways of working.

Customer case: Leading the way in ERP modernization & customer experience

Ponsse wants to be the best partner for its customers. That’s why it invested in a new, global ERP solution, harmonized core processes, and made data available for its employees.

Start the journey with us and maximize you next digital investment

Fellowmind is your partner for impactful digital investments, guiding you through strategic transformations to align with evolving customer expectations. Start your journey with us with specific solutions or book a Connected Company workshop to assess your current digital situation as a whole.

Our approach is to assess, reimagine, and roadmap your digital journey, enhancing connectivity with cloud-ready solutions and ensuring your team thrives with new technologies.

Fill out the form and we'll respond promptly to discuss how we can help your business flourish in the digital age.

Start the journey with us and maximize you next digital investment

Want to start your transformation journey independently?

It all starts with an assessment to see how far you have come in your digital transformation journey and how ready your organization is for change. You can start the journey on your own by doing the online assessment independently or do the assessmenet with us, to get a deeper understanding of your business.

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Ruth Helmonds

Group Marketing Project Manager