Connected Company Maturity Assessment

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Boost your transformation journey as a Connected Company

How far has your business come in its digital transformation? Do you know what to focus on improving next?   

In today’s fast-moving world, your customers adapt quickly to new technologies and ways to connect. If you want to keep up, your digital transformation journey must constantly move and evolve your business as a Connected Company.

We can roadmap, evolve, and support your organization into a business that connects all essential dimensions into one agile and fast-moving ecosystem

How it works

By carefully answering all questions, you will get a complete picture of how connected you are and be able to identify areas where boosting meaningful connections will impact the most.  

Completing this assessment will also determine your change maturity, measuring the ability and flexibility of your people to run the change needed to implement technology to support your transformation journey in becoming a connected company.  

This assessment tool was created by combining Fellowmind’s deep industry knowledge, digital solutions expertise, and people-centric approach. Your result will be measured based on six essential business dimensions: customers, work, digital, sustainability, data, and industry.