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Change & Adoption

You want technology that works in a secure and adaptable environment. We’re here to help.  And to make technology work for you.

Change management affects all departments

With the increasing automation of business processes, through the use of intelligent software and connected machines, some areas of activity in the company are simplified or even replaced by smart systems.

Now, especially the management and the human resources department are in demand, to redefine jobs and activities and to fill the roles optimally. It is their task to capture the fears and needs of the workforce, to prepare them for the new work situation and to promote potentials. Often, internal communication is also involved in change processes, because increasing bottom-up communication is the basis for better collaboration and more creativity.

Our job is only done when you, your employees, and your customers enjoy working with the technology.

Heidi Wahl
Heidi Wahl Deputy Head of Modern Work Department - Fellowmind Germany

A clear approach

Adopting change can be frustrating. To help you lean into it, we use a proven approach, based on field experience and scientific insights in change management.

“Packing” for the journey 

We collect relevant data to gain insight into the digital maturity level of your team. Based on our findings, we sit down with you to decide together what’s needed and how we can move forward on your journey. 

One of our main goals is to use tech that really works for you. We help you prepare for the go-live, ensure a successful first commissioning, and continue to work with you on your digital journey.