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At Fellowmind, we specialize in understanding your business's IT needs. With our proactive approach and tailored solutions, we can optimize your IT environment to ensure security, reliability, and strategic alignment with your business goals. As your trusted advisor, we're here to support your success every step of the way.

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The Risks of Managing Your Business IT Alone

Managing your business IT alone can expose you to significant risks. Without proactive Managed Services, you face:

  • Security Vulnerabilities and Increased Risk of Downtime: Your applications and infrastructure are vulnerable to outages and security breaches that can halt operations and damage customer trust.
  • Decreased Efficiency and Complex IT Management: Relying on outdated technologies or in-house IT management can lead to inefficient resource utilization and increased costs.
  • Missed Opportunities for Innovation: Without the support of expert Managed Services, your ability to adapt to new opportunities is hindered.

Choosing our proactive Managed Services, including security updates and incident management, helps you drive business innovation, avoid interruptions, and enjoy a simplified, customer-centric collaboration with a dedicated point of contact. Safeguard your operations and pave the way for sustained growth and efficiency.

We ensure business continuity

Fellowmind proactively manages the ongoing challenges with your digital solutions, allowing you to focus on your core business without disruption.

  • Comprehensive Support: We provide extensive 1st and 2nd line support to efficiently address user service requests and reported incidents.
  • Security and Updates: Our proactive measures keep your systems secure and up-to-date, minimizing risks and ensuring timely resolution of incidents.
  • Third-Party Incident Management: We handle incidents involving third parties like Microsoft on behalf of our customers, maintaining consistent communication with both end users and service owners throughout the process.

We help you optimize your business

Fellowmind ensures your digital investments continuously deliver optimal value. Our tailored services adapt to your evolving business needs, fostering ongoing innovation.

  • Value-Driven Services: Our services are specifically designed to maximize the value of your digital investments.
  • Adaptation to Change: We continuously adapt to new business and functional requirements, ensuring your technology evolves with your business.
  • Insight Integration: We leverage our deep knowledge of industry trends and technological advancements to provide actionable insights and strategic roadmaps.
  • Proactive Updates Management: Before new updates are released by Microsoft, we assess them to ensure they seamlessly integrate with your operations without disrupting key processes. We keep you informed about new features and functionalities.

We help your business thrive and succeed

Fellowmind simplifies IT management with customer-centric collaboration. A single point of contact orchestrates all services tailored to your needs. Our dedicated teams enhance user experiences and focus on efficiently solving your specific challenges.

  • Single point of contact, service management and
    customer collaboration based on customer objectives
  • Management and reporting of service level agreements
  • Optional dedicated customer team

Scalable Packages

We offer a range of service packages, from lean and flexible to comprehensive and all-inclusive, designed to perfectly align with your business's unique needs and preferences. Choose from our Basic, Premium, or Enterprise options, and further customize your package with our value-added services to meet your specific requirements. Let us help you optimize your IT environment with a service that is customized just for you.

Why Partner with Fellowmind?

  • Local Expertise, Global Reach: Blend of local understanding and global resources ensures personalized, swift service.
  • Proactive Trusted Advisor: Anticipating IT challenges, guiding through technological evolution.
  • Microsoft Mastery: Cutting-edge Microsoft innovations tailored to your business needs.
  • 24/7 Comprehensive Support: Ensuring minimal downtime and enhanced productivity.
  • Certified Data Security: Highest standards of security with ISO 27001 certification.

Our full-spectrum IT services encompass everything from remote monitoring to complete network management. With custom solutions designed for your business's size and sector, we leverage industry-specific expertise to address unique challenges and optimize operational efficiency."

Partner with us and experience the difference of a service that’s not just managed, but mastered.

Data Platform & Al (Azure & Power Platform)

Being in control of your data has never been more important. Modern data platforms on Microsoft Azure handles vast amounts of data and must make these available for a wide range of purposes from traditional business reporting, business intelligence, master data management and increasingly for the use of generative AI to create new insights or solve complex tasks. No tool is better than its input, so keeping your data platform reliable and updated while continually leveraging the new possibilities is critical for your business.

App Innovation (Azure & Power Platform)

Using technology for custom-build apps is a strategic way to create core business benefits and offer digital services that set your business apart. But it also requires you as a business to maintain those apps. That involves keeping them updated, secure and reliable as well as having the right knowledge and approach to keep optimizing and developing them with relevant features.We work with Microsoft’s cutting-edge platforms for custom development (Azure & .NET) as well as no code / low code implementations (Power Platform).

Modern Work (Microsoft 365)

The Digital Employee Experience is a key part of operating a modern business. Everything from day-to-day teamwork and collaboration to large scale document management and corporate information flows can be based on Microsoft 365. However, if your governance is not up to par and you do not keep up to date with the updates from Microsoft, chances are that your employees are not working efficiently. For complex solutions for your business requirements, it is important that issues, updates and support are handled proactively.

Customer Engagement (Dynamics 365)

Keeping your custom build business applications reliable, updated and optimized.

Leveraging the Customer Engagement features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales, marketing, customer service or field service is a strategic way to enchance your Customer  Experience, gather strategic customer insights, and offer digital services that set your business apart. But it also requires you as a business to maintain & develop those apps and processes in a structured way . That involves keeping them updated, secure and reliable as well as having the right knowledge and approach to keep optimizing and developing

Finance & Operations (Dynamics 365)

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations / Finance & Operations is a strategic way to create core business benefits, process harmonization, increased level of automation, end to end visibility and offer digital services that set your business apart. But it also requires you as a business to maintain & develop those apps and processes. That involves keeping them updated, secure and reliable as well as having the right knowledge and approach to keep optimizing and developing them with relevant features.

Business Central (Dynamics 365)

Leveraging Dynamics 365 Business Central provides strategic business advantages, aligning processes, advancing automation, and delivering complete operational transparency, all while fostering unique digital services. Tailored for agile and growing businesses, it mandates diligent maintenance and evolution of your apps and processes, ensuring they remain current, secure, and functional, coupled with an astute methodology to continually refine and augment them with necessary features.

Our infrastructure Management Services

We offer a complete suite of Infrastructure Management Services to further enhance and secure your digital landscape. Our streamlined process ensures fast and efficient integration of new capabilities, whether it's business application modules, servers or security testing.

  • Our Automated Testing Services optimize your release process, ensuring continuous functionality of business applications. Download more information
  • We streamline your Microsoft Azure operations with scalable platform services, including ready-to-deploy landing zones and secure remote desktop experiences. Download more information
  • We enhance your security with our Managed XDR Service, which integrates Microsoft Sentinel and Defender, supported by our 24/7 SOC, to swiftly counter cyber threats like ransomware. Download more information

Maximize Your Software Investments with our License Management Services

We manage a broad range of licenses from Microsoft and its partners, offering tailored solutions that fit your unique business needs with the benefits of:

  • Cost Optimization: Benefit from competitive Microsoft license pricing and Azure cost optimizations to ensure you get the best value for your technology investments.
  • Premier Support Access: Gain direct access to Microsoft Premier Support and Cloud specialists for expert assistance and guidance.
  • Simplified Contracting: Enjoy the simplicity of dealing with one partner with a single contract, invoice, and point of contact for all your licensing needs.
  • License Optimization: We help you navigate the complexities of Microsoft and partner licensing, ensuring you have the right tools without overpaying or underutilizing resources.

Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation license evaluation focused on optimizing your software investments.

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