Rely on the right CRM solution to boost your sales, marketing and service.

Customer Engagement - CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you to identify potential customers, understand their needs, and streamline marketing, sales, and customer service throughout the customer relationship’s life cycle.

Dynamics 365 connects the entire organization to support these functions and brings data to where it is needed.

Sell more and serve better with Dynamics 365 Sales

A uniform CRM platform increases sales opportunities and produces valuable customer data. Dynamics 365 Sales helps you to identify, create, and refine leads, route them to your colleagues, and identify additional sales and cross-selling opportunities.

Optimise your marketing activities with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Excellent customer data is indispensable for an optimal customer experience. After all, today's customers expect a personal and seamless customer journey. But how do you bring all customer data together within your company? And how do you use this data in your marketing activities? Discover the possibilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

A comprehensive solution for field service optimization and prediction

Data that is timely and updated in real-time is crucial for making field service more efficient. With the Dynamics 365 field service solution, you can manage work orders, maintenance agreements, and equipment maintenance history, optimize routes, manage tasks, and ensure the easy and efficient resourcing of work tasks.

Enhance your service with a smart, individual and omnichannel way of serving your customers

Your customer relationships are the key assets of your business. Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables you to serve your customers seamlessly in all channels: internet, social media, chat service, email, mobile app, and on the phone. You can also offer your customers the opportunity for self-service by means of comprehensive support portals, data banks, and real-time data.  

Dynamics 365: Market more efficiently, increase sales and improve your customer service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive customer relationship management system. It creates a uniform platform for your marketing, sales, customer service, and field service operations. It supports your sales management, targeted marketing, high-quality customer service, and omnichannel customer experience.

  • Carry out targeted, omnichannel marketing
  • Deepen your understanding of the customer and translate it into action
  • Improve sales rep productivity and improve customer encounters
  • Boost customer service and its quality
  • Support field service and its optimization

Looking to enhance your business with data-driven insights? 

Imagine your CRM system contains insightful customer data, and user-friendly Power BI tools tailored for management, finance, and business operations. Our solutions are crafted using agile, cost-efficient practices, leveraging both existing platforms and Power Apps within the Microsoft Power Platform to deliver a tailored solution that aligns with your company’s objectives.

Experience clear, immediate oversight of your customer relationship activities and their organization. All these services are powered by the versatile Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Bring it all together: We will build you a comprehensive business solution

We at Fellowmind go beyond offering a simple CRM solution. We take account of your individual needs, for example, by combining your CRM and ERP systems or building automation to streamline your processes. Furthermore, we can also create XRM custom solutions for supplier management and asset monitoring and build a comprehensive field service solution.

The strength of the Dynamics 365 CRM lies in its integration with all other Microsoft tools. It makes daily work quicker and more efficient. Work flows seamlessly as you do not have to look for data in various systems but can access it directly from, for example, the Teams interface or assisted by Microsoft Copilot. This brings together both customers and colleagues.

Sami Kankaanpää
Sami Kankaanpää Business Lead - Fellowmind

Support your omnichannel system and marketing and sales collaboration

The Dynamics 365 solutions for marketing, sales, and customer service run seamlessly together and thereby increase customer understanding and the creation of an excellent customer experience. The solution is easy to use, and it is intuitively incorporated into your daily Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Teams tools, as well as Microsoft Copilot, which is used alongside CRM.

  • Manage all channels and ensure that data is not hidden in silos
  • Support cooperation between different functions
  • Automate manual work and make use of AI
  • Build efficient processes that involve various functions

Experience the transformation in service management and customer engagement

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your future CRM system will streamline your operations, provide a contemporary approach to managing field services and enhancing customer satisfaction. With Dynamics 365 Field Service and add-ons provided by Fellowmind, you can effectively handle work orders and maintenance tasks, fine-tune routing for maximum efficiency, and allocate resources with precision. 


Dynamics 365 is available in a subscription form, making it easy to scale up or down if needed.


The cloud is available 24/7. Convenient if you have production locations or offices in different time zones.


A team of 3,500+ cybersecurity experts does everything possible to keep your company data secure.


You don't need a BI or data science background to mobilize and use data for decision-making.

Uniform business platform and support of the Microsoft ecosystem

The benefit of using Dynamics 365 as your CRM system is that it is easy to connect with other Microsoft solutions, such as the Field Service system or the Dynamics 365 ERP system. The solutions can also be integrated with those of your customers and partners.

You are also supported by the entire Microsoft ecosystem. As the way of working between various Microsoft applications is very uniform, you will benefit from ease of use and efficient deployment. For added benefit, the system can be enhanced with Microsoft Copilot AI, which makes work faster and more efficient.

Getting time to focus on what matters

Technology is the enabler for your critical business processes. In a world where standing still means going backward, technology should work reliably and evolve with your objectives and market needs.

Our Managed Services let you focus on business development rather than managing technology. Rely on a dedicated team of industry specialists committed to continued value creation. 

Change & Adoption Management

Adopting change can be frustrating. To help you lean into it, use a proven approach based on field experience and scientific insights in change management.

Our job is only done when you, your employees, and your customers enjoy working with the technology.

Fellowmind is your Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud

Our close and longstanding partnership with Microsoft is essential in providing you with the best possible service for your digital readiness. We aim to be one of the top 10 Microsoft Partners in the world and hold a seat in the exclusive Microsoft Inner Circle, as well as keep all seven solution partner designations across our regions.

Become a connected company

Customer demands have changed, and you need to change with them. As a Connected Company, you leverage digital technology to create seamless connections with all stakeholders, driving innovation and efficiency while prioritizing customer needs and sustainability. Transform, innovate, and thrive with our guidance. 

Managing the complexity of sustainability

We see that digital technology and sustainability go hand-in-hand, and that tech-enabled innovation can solve our environmental and social challenges. We offer you the tools and knowledge to get actionable insights into your organization's impact on the environment.

The road to a green transition is a road we take together.