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Solutions  that  drive success 

Automotive manufactures, dealerships, and service providers need to be more agile and resilient than ever. It’s not just about machines making machines anymore; we’re talking about high tech electronic devices that impact services and solutions within the entire value chain in the automotive industry.  

Supporting automotive processes 

From supply chain and production frontline to R&D and sales, we deliver a comprehensive solution for every specific need. With solutions that support customer experiences, or analytics around vehicle inventory and services. As well as hands-on practical stuff, like scheduling appointments quickly and easily for Fleet managers with service centers. 

“This solution is especially developed for the automotive industry. It supports and improves our processes  throughout the product life cycle.”

Martin Gerdtsson, spare parts manager, Swedish Agro Machinery


Go the extra mile

Automotive businesses flourish when technology works for people. Big Data, Annata 365, or AI gives you insights to operate more efficiently, and robotics can solve human challenges. We show you how to use the technology, and most importantly, enjoy working with it.


The automotive industry takes on a big responsibility to contribute to a greener planet. By transforming to fossil free fuel for example. But we can still do more with technology. Inspired? Let’s go the extra mile together for a sustainable future.