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Harnessing the sustainable energy of tomorrow takes ingenuity, control, decisiveness, and ability. With industry-adapted technology, you have the power to create an innovative and sustainable infrastructure enabled by data insight.

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Mastering the complexity of transformation within energy & utility

In the energy & utility industry, you must watch the past, present, and future simultaneously. So, how do you meet the challenges of managing a dynamic and bidirectional grid, maintaining efficiency and reliability, and offering tailored experiences to your customers?

With in-depth industry expertise, we have engineered a holistic vision that enables agility and scalability in your organization, where you can bring out the best of your people using technology they love working with. We call it the Smart Energy Network.

We don't have to spend time on things that run as they should, and the dashboard gives an overview of whether we are missing something. It lets you go home with peace of mind, knowing you have everything under control.

Per Poulsen, Nord Energi

Beyond being technical

The Fellowmind Smart Energy Network represents a vision and enabler of change for the Energy & Utility industry. The core of our vision is data, providing prediction, insight-based planning, and managing the grid with flexibility, adaptability, and scalability enabled by a Smart IT & OT infrastructure.

Beyond being technically smart and insightful, the Smart Energy Network is just as much supported by a network of collaboration across external organizations, consumers, and empowered energy employees, which together power an extended energy ecosystem. This holistic mix of capabilities can together create the basis for the future of the energy & utility sector.

Industry guide

Our job is only done when you, your employees, and your customers enjoy working with technology! Read more about our vision for Energy & Utility in our industry guide.

Download our Guide!

Download our Guide!

Use data to drive sustainable energy

Insights into grid load patterns help you make smarter decisions that prevent outages while controlling costs. Data also enables predictive maintenance, allowing you to plan appropriately for downtime and reduce purchase, storage, and labor costs.

Playing an active role in The Smart Energy Network means sharing data too. Partnerships are crucial in adapting to the complexities of the new sustainable energy ecosystem.

Reinforcing a resilient grid for Nord Energi

Being among pioneering countries in renewable energy technology and solutions, Denmark strives for a green, carbon-neutral future through accelerated electrification of society. As a Distribution System Operator (DSO), this puts Nord Energi Net under extra pressure to avoid bottlenecks, power outages, and questions about where to reinforce the grid.

Become a connected company

As a connected company, you have the advantage of learning and moving faster than your competitors. While others work in isolation, you link into rich networks of possibility and expand your influence.

Empower employees

Support a constantly evolving skillset by empowering employees with the right tools to continuously change and adapt.

Personalized customer experience

Deliver tailored customer experience with personalized and enhanced experiences through data insights.

Optimized & agile operations

Become agile and adapt quickly to change by ensuring operational flexibility & scalability whilst remaining secure and compliant.

Enabling a sustainable grid with data

Utilization of data with cutting-edge technology enables the ability to actively overcome challenges for more sustainable and complex grid infrastructure management.

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