Transform your business and enable cloud capabilities with the Microsoft Cloud

Cloud Infrastructure & Security

Microsoft Azure offers a range of cloud services and solutions, as well as tools and features for cloud migration, cloud integration, and digital security.

However, cloud computing also involves challenges and risks, such as data breaches, misconfigurations, compliance issues, and cyberattacks. Therefore, organizations need to adopt best practices and solutions for cloud infrastructure and security. Let us guide you so you can innovate your business.

Cloud Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure: Empowering Your Digital Transformation

Our Azure Cloud Infrastructure offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. From compute and storage solutions to advanced analytics and AI capabilities, Azure provides a flexible and scalable platform to support your digital transformation journey.

Start your migration to the cloud with our Cloud Readiness Program, supported by Microsoft. We help you assess your current setup, build a business case, and create a prioritized roadmap outlining the necessary steps for transitioning to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Protect your business from the threat of cybercrime and create a safer digital future for your organization

Cybercrime remains a continuous threat to businesses of every size and sector. From phishing attacks to ransomware and data breaches, the consequences of a cyberattack can be devastating. Financial losses, reputational damage, and legal complications are just some of the potential outcomes.

Enhance the utilization and effectiveness of security functionalities within Microsoft 365 and Azure, aligning with security frameworks such as NIS2, CIS18, or NIST. 

Innovate your business with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides the flexibility, scalability and integration you need to innovate and stay competitive. To unlock the full advantages of cloud technology, you need a scalable and secure platform with solid governance, automation and integration with modern identity and access principles and tools.

Regardless of whether you originate from hosting or manage your own datacenter, your focus should be on modernization – not just to save money, but also to support easy integration using cloud-native services.

Get the most out of your licenses

Our Microsoft 365 services are centered on delivering excellent value for money. Most organizations have invested in Microsoft 365 E3/E5 or an equivalent license. However, we are supporting them with value realization, adoption, roll-out and the full utilization of all the products and portals included.

Reach out to us if you want to know more about licenses, and we can tell you what your organization really needs. 

Security and Compliance is key

Security is another important prerequisite and business enabler. It is key to maximize the value of the world-class security tools in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

We help you get the best from Intune, Entra, IAM, Defender and Sentinel to comply with security frameworks like NIS2, CIS18 or NIST.

  • Azure provides robust security features, including encryption, identity management, and compliance certifications.
  • Regular security updates keep your data safe.

Cybercrime is something companies often handle as 'I hope it doesn't happen to me', where the reality nowadays is not if, but when it will happen to you.

Niels Golsteijn Manager IT Hertek

AI & CoPilot integrations

We support the use of AI technology, with a focus on governance. We help you protect and manage your data estate to enable the use of your data while still taking care of privacy.

Additionally, we rely on Microsoft Copilot for Security, which leverages generative AI to enhance security operations at machine speed and scale. By integrating AI capabilities like Copilot, companies can efficiently manage cloud risks, enhance compliance, and bolster their security posture across multi-cloud environments and developer pipelines.

Carve-in/out: Utilize the full Microsoft 365 suite of productivity tools for the modern digital workplace

Assess, plan and perform migrations from tenant to tenant as part of merger and acquisition scenarios, and adopt Teams, SharePoint, and the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite.

Our Cost-out program helps you identify savings and maximize your value from the Microsoft 365 E3/E5 license plan or equivalent license and implement governance best practices to support frameworks and the use of Microsoft 365 Copilot.

We design and implement the whole Microsoft 365 cloud suite in a compliant, secure and well-governed setup, enabling your employees to maximize its benefits.

Getting time to focus on what matters

Technology is the enabler for your critical business processes. In a world where standing still means going backward, technology should work reliably and evolve with your objectives and market needs.

Our Managed Services let you focus on business development rather than managing technology. Rely on a dedicated team of industry specialists committed to continued value creation. 

Change & Adoption Management

Adopting change can be frustrating. To help you lean into it, use a proven approach based on field experience and scientific insights in change management.

Our job is only done when you, your employees, and your customers enjoy working with the technology.

Fellowmind is your Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud

Our close and longstanding partnership with Microsoft is essential in providing you with the best possible service for your digital readiness. We aim to be one of the top 10 Microsoft Partners in the world and hold a seat in the exclusive Microsoft Inner Circle, as well as keep all seven solution partner designations across our regions.

Become a connected company

Customer demands have changed, and you need to change with them. As a Connected Company, you leverage digital technology to create seamless connections with all stakeholders, driving innovation and efficiency while prioritizing customer needs and sustainability. Transform, innovate, and thrive with our guidance. 

Managing the complexity of sustainability

We see that digital technology and sustainability go hand-in-hand, and that tech-enabled innovation can solve our environmental and social challenges. We offer you the tools and knowledge to get actionable insights into your organization's impact on the environment.

The road to a green transition is a road we take together.