Smart Service with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Enhance your service with a smart, individual, and omnichannel way of serving your customers at any of your company’s or customer’s contact points. You will meet the requirements of modern customers for ever-faster service and one-stop solutions.

Improve your service and customer experience

Your customer relationships are the key assets of your business. Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps you manage omnichannel services, enabling you to serve your customers in an agile way regardless of the channel and device. 

Serve your customers seamlessly in all channels: the internet, social media, chat service, email, mobile app, or on the phone. You can also offer your customers the opportunity for self-service by means of comprehensive support portals, data banks, and real-time data.  

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A higher level of customer loyalty

Earn your customers' loyalty by answering their questions, understanding their customer history, and using your company's collective information across all channels.  

Additionally, make use of social media in your customer service operations to identify customer needs quickly. Stand out with your customer service to gain more recognition and strengthen the customer relationship.

Utilize AI in your daily work 

Efficient service agents use Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service to diagnose, troubleshoot issues, and draft customer responses. Empower them with sentiment analysis, translations, and AI-recommended knowledge articles to have the most optimal real-time customer information. 

Your customers expect the right agent to help them directly. With smart AI-based routing, your first-call resolution is enhanced, while seamless collaboration in Microsoft Teams accelerates issue resolution.

Do you have a self-service portal?

Customers increasingly seek self-service portals for swift assistance. Our intelligent AI-powered bots offer real-time resolution, human-like interactions, and productivity gains by automating both routine tasks and complex transactions.

Furthermore, your service agents can collaborate, share insights, and find solutions in personalized community portals. If an issue is too complicated or new to your service agent and requires further research, this can be very useful.

Let Dynamics 365 Customer Service help you in your daily business

Say goodbye to manual tasks. With over 1,000 prebuilt flows, you can effortlessly automate your workflows. Plus, customize your ecosystem with data connectors that fit your needs. Or create your own flows utilizing Power Automate. Plan ahead with confidence using a forecast report feature that helps you allocate the right staffing levels based on seasonality, predicted cases, and conversational volume.

Make life easier for your customers. The use of voice and behavioral recognition technology ensures fast, personalized identity verification. And don’t worry if your customer speaks a different language, the real-time translation feature has you covered.

Providing omnichannel customer service and combining CRM customer data with customer service brings a number of benefits: it’s easier for customers to contact us as there are various methods for doing so; customer service agents have a better understanding of the customer as they can see the entire service history – and customer loyalty increases through personalized and accurate service.

Sami Kankaanpää
Sami Kankaanpää Business Lead - Fellowmind

Smart customer relationship management throughout the relationship’s life cycle

Dynamics 365 gives you a 360-degree view of the customer relationship – collecting, modifying, analyzing, and managing customer data and the entire life cycle of the customer relationship. Combining the Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales, marketing, customer service, and field service solutions helps you to utilize the entire potential of your customer information, increase customer retention, and conduct active and accurate additional sales.

Want to know more?

Sami Kankaanpää
Sami Kankaanpää Business Lead - Fellowmind

The best way to find out how Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help you is to reach out to us, and we will provide you with a series of use cases that can be tailored to your specific challenges.