NNE creates a connected business with related Microsoft cloud solutions

NNE moves business applications to the cloud and creates a much more connected organization with clear productivity improvements.

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Challenge NNE's old document management system needed an upgrade, because the solution was running on outdated infrastructure and was difficult to use and customize
Solution Dynamics 365, SharePoint Online, Dataverse
Result NNE chose to go the cloud route and has acquired a solution in which data is easily accessible and connected across the various business applications

NNE (Novo Nordisk Engineering) has replaced its old on-prem Dynamics CRM solution with a new cloud-based Dynamics 365 version and at the same time has replaced the underlying document management system with a standard SharePoint Online solution.

The entire project was based on the old document management system for handling tender documents, contracts, etc. which at one time had been adapted to NNE's specific needs, being in need of an upgrade. This was partly because the solution was running on outdated infrastructure and partly because it had become so customized that it was heavy and cumbersome to both use and adapt to new needs.

The time had come to modernize, and NNE decided to go the cloud route and move towards a more standardized solution in SharePoint Online. NNE already had a project management solution running in SharePoint Online supplied by Fellowmind.

‘At that point, we agreed that, since we were going to do something about our SharePoint on premise anyway, why not take the big step and upgrade the main system as well, our Dynamics CRM, and it was obvious that we should take a look at Dynamics 365,’ says Martin Poulsen, Manager, Project Systems at NNE, adding:

‘At the same time, we knew that with Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Online we would get automatic access to new features and a future-proof solution based on a standard solution.’

Centralized data management with Microsoft Dataverse

NNE has had a clear vision to make data across different systems much more accessible and coherent for users. This has been primarily achieved through the use of Microsoft Dataverse.

Microsoft Dataverse is a cloud database platform designed to store and manage data for applications in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. When combined with business applications based for example on. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SharePoint, it brings several benefits. Overall, the combination of Microsoft Dataverse with business applications based on Dynamics 365 and SharePoint makes it possible to build an integrated solution that delivers a cohesive and efficient work experience. It provides centralized data management, improved integration, automated workflows and robust security to help optimize business processes and increase productivity.

Read more about the benefits it provides here:

Microsoft Dataverse provides a centralized platform to store and manage data used by both Dynamics 365 and SharePoint applications. This eliminates the need for multiple separate databases and creates a single source of truth for company data.

By combining Dataverse with Dynamics 365 and SharePoint, the integration between these applications becomes more seamless and efficient. Data can be easily shared and updated across applications for a more cohesive user experience and improved productivity.

Microsoft Dataverse supports Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow), an automation platform. By integrating Dataverse with Dynamics 365 and SharePoint, you can establish automated workflows that streamline business processes across applications. This can save time and reduce manual errors.

Dataverse is a highly scalable and flexible platform that can handle large volumes of data and grow with your business needs. By combining it with Dynamics 365 and SharePoint, you get a robust infrastructure to support the current and future needs of your business.

Microsoft Dataverse comes with built-in security and governance features. By using it as the basis for Dynamics 365 and SharePoint applications, you get the benefits of secure and controlled data management, including access control, data security and regulatory compliance.

Easier to get hold of data

NNE has an integrated solution in which data is more easily accessible and connected across the various business applications.

‘It's easier to get hold of data. It's easier to join CRM data to our new project management tool, which also runs in Microsoft 365. It also becomes easier to run together with other things we do on the Azure platform,’ says Poulsen.

A good example is NNE's project management tool ‘ProjectHub’ in SharePoint Online, which Fellowmind also helped develop. When a new project is set up, Power Automate draws master data from the new Dynamics 365 CRM system. In that way, NNE ensures that projects set up in ProjectHub are created with correct data and with consistent data conventions.

It's important to us. We can start streamlining that kind of thing now, because we can manage it inside the CRM system, and the data becomes the guiding force across the organization. Instead of the way it was in the ‘old days', where users could name projects and customers freely, with no coherence between systems.

Martin Poulsen Manager

The sales process is running more smoothly now

After a smooth move to the cloud, NNE's salespeople are enthusiastic about the new capabilities that have made sales work a lot easier and increased productivity. In particular, the integration between the document management system in SharePoint Online and master data in Dynamics 365 has made the sales team’s work easier.

It's been a relatively simple transition. Our salespeople are happy with the new features they've gained with the upgrade, which have made their lives easier. It’s been the integration between our sales documents in SharePoint Online and the pure CRM work in particular; it’s running more smoothly now.

Martin Poulsen Manager, Project Systems


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