Our commitment to a sustainable future

At Fellowmind, we commit to a mindset that contributes to the greater good and aligns with all stakeholders' preferences and requirements for a better future.

Digital innovation for sustainability

Sustainability is not only for the outside world. We want to build a sustainable organization where all people feel welcome, can be their authentic selves, and where people like to work.

Louise Ol-Ers
Louise Ol-Ers Group Sustainability Manager - Fellowmind Company

Read our ESG report

We truly believe that doing good for the planet and our communities is not just the right thing to do but also essential for our long-term success. The Fellowmind Sustainability report is our way of showing you exactly how we're making a difference.

Making people flourish

Our circle of success starts with passionate people. People who are willing to go the extra mile and create a unique customer experience that leads to sustainable and rewarding relationships.

We strive to empower our people to bring their talents to the world by giving them the freedom to flourish and providing a workplace in which everyone can be their authentic selves. 

Inclusivity and diversity

Being an inclusive employer is important for more than one reason. Inclusion leads to diversity. If everyone feels welcome and safe, no matter who you are or how you define yourself, we believe that it will attract others from different backgrounds. And at Fellowmind, that’s what we want to stimulate.

These are three of our initiatives to initiate diversity in the workplace further:

Female hire: The IT industry has a long tradition of being male-dominated. We have high ambitions to change that tradition. At Fellowmind, as of early 2022, 24 percent of the employees are women, and every year we raise our targets to increase the rate of female hires. 

Non-binary inclusion: We welcome the fact that people can identify as non-binary and non-binary employees can feel included. At the same time, it gives us a chance to become aware of potential differences in employee experiences not only between men and women, but also those who identify as non-binary.

Hire people with disabilities: Fellowmind has recently hired new personnel, with help from a Dutch company called ITVitae, which works with education, training, and employment services for people with autism. 

Ethical business partner

Our employees and customers belong to the same tribe. Being an ethical and reliable business partner is of high priority. We as a company can make a difference, both by having our own house in order and by having open discussions on sustainability and ethical dilemmas, internally as well as with our customers 

Building a Center of Excellence

In our mission to support customers with sustainable and data-driven processes, we will create a company-wide competence center called the Center of Excellence for Sustainable Offerings. With an international team of experts, we will team up with Microsoft to share insights about this vital focus area and provide our customers with knowledge of legislation and GHG (greenhouse gas) measurement.

We help companies create a holistic real-time data perspective and generate insights for decision-makers on what to do, based on this information.

Jacob Tønners
Jacob Tønners Sustainability Lead, Denmark

Taking the lead on the Cloud for Sustainability

Microsoft’s new Cloud for Sustainability is a revolutionizing software-as-a-service solution that helps record, report, and reduce an organization’s environmental impact through automated data connections and actionable insights. We aim to be one of the first partners in the world to employ it.

Microsoft Partner Pledge

As a Microsoft partner, Fellowmind has signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge. The pledge is about encouraging and supporting the adoption of technologies in a deep and ethical way and ensuring everyone possesses the right skills and opportunities to make the most of what lies ahead. The Microsoft Partner Pledge focuses on the following four critical goals: Digital skills for the job, Diversity & Inclusion, Responsible and Ethical AI, and Sustainability.

Bringing innovation to life

The agricultural sector faces great challenges with shortages of agricultural land and, due to climate change, also the availability of good water and soil conditions to meet global demands for food in the future. As the first provider in Europe, we have partnered up with Microsoft to collaborate with farmers, in the Farmbeats project, and help realize the future of the European agricultural sector.


Louise Ol-Ers
Group Sustainability Manager - Fellowmind Company