Topsoe ensures market position with knowledge retention

Topsoe has adopted Intraactive Governance for R&D documentation and data management

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Challenge Topsoes research and development (R&D) department faced some challenges in managing their R&D project data, and documents
Solution IntraActive Governance
Result Topsoe are now able to prevent the loss of knowledge and intellectual property, and better leverage their data for innovation

Topsoe is a world leader in catalysis and surface science, delivering solutions for sustainable energy and chemicals. Their research and development (R&D) department is at the core of their business, ensuring their frontrunner position in the market by generating intellectual property and innovation.

However, the department faced some challenges in managing their R&D project data, and documents. The previous solution made it difficult to find and retrieve relevant data and reports. While users were dependent on IT support for administration and access control.

We always aim at preventing loss of knowledge in our organization. If we lose knowledge, we risk losing our advantage

Irfan Kanat
Irfan Kanat Data Science Platform Manager at Topsoe

Knowledge preservation and innovation

To address these challenges, Topsoe reached out to Fellowmind among others. After careful consideration of the organization, business needs and challenges, Fellowmind proposed and implemented IntraActive Governance, a product for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, with customized features and templates. The IntraActive Governance solution has enabled Topsoe to:

  • Create and manage R&D project sites with ease and consistency
  • Collaborate and communicate on documents in real time
  • Store and archive documents and data in one place, with metadata and custom search capabilitie to improve findability
  • Delegate and automate access control and permission management
  • Integrate with Topsoe's data science platform and raw data sources
  • Reduce the load on IT support and increase user satisfaction

Enhancing R&D efficiency through collaborative solutions

When the IntraActive Governance solution was rolled out to the R&D department, the feedback from the users was very positive, with more than 70% of them reporting an improvement in their R&D documentation and data management.

We've gained an administratively simple solution, that's much more user friendly than before. This means that out R&D organization can easier create their own team sites and manage them, saving IT support tickets.” says Irfan Kanat, Data Science Platform Manager at Topsoe.

Based on the successful implementation of IntraActive Governance in the R&D department, a similar project is already under way to support the Power to X innovation at Topsoe.

When you can shorten the distance between the technical solution and the users, you can increase satisfaction and that is what we want to achieve with this project.

Irfan Kanat
Irfan Kanat Data Science Platform Manager at Topsoe

Gain control of MIcrosoft Teams

IntraActive Governance empowers your deployment of Microsoft Teams and supports the ongoing use of the application. We automate your most recurring tasks and give you control of your Teams-environment. Do you want to use Microsoft Teams in a structured manner? We’ve got you covered.

IntraActive products adds more value to collaboration and communication in Microsoft 365. IntraActive is a part of Fellowmind.


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