Streamline your project and portfolio management with Microsoft Project

Of course, you want to complete your project efficiently and on time. Whether it's a small project or a large campaign, Microsoft Project helps you stay organized. Thanks to a powerful and convenient app, you can keep all the stakeholders involved on track and plan the project effort, duration, and team member workload dynamically.

Efficient, flexible and user-friendly

Project is an efficient, flexible and user-friendly tool that makes it easy to get started quickly with realizing the expected business value of projects.

Microsoft Project, which is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, gives project managers, project participants, and management the right tools to support daily tasks.

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Stay organized

It can be difficult to maintain an overview when you have to solve your ordinary tasks while participating in one or more projects. Here, Project helps create both the personal overview and the overall overview of all the company's projects. This increases efficiency and helps ensure that you deliver projects on time.

Ensure progress

With Project, the project manager has tools to manage the documentation, schedule, progress, and reporting from the project, all of which can be managed according to the organization's project model. You can have project templates for your different project types. This makes it easier to follow the project model and ensures that users experience the solution as a natural work tool.

Optimize resources

When an organization implements many projects, it is important to prioritize both human and financial resources in relation to the benefits. This ensures that you use the resources for the greatest possible gain. Project makes it easy to work with budgets and apply those budgets to overall prioritization.

Our former product management system was no longer able to cope with the complexity of a global product pipeline. We simply had to invest in a future-proof project management solution.

Thomas Bøen IT Business Partner - BioMar

Prioritize and create the most value

Portfolio management is integrated into Project, giving your management immediate access to the latest updated project information. Here, they can select and prioritize exactly the projects that provide the greatest value for your organization. Projects can be linked to the organization's overall strategy, and management can prioritize projects based on their expected value. Through simulations, the optimal project portfolio can be composed.

Project provides you with a powerful tool to:

  • Project planning
  • Document management
  • Knowledge sharing and team collaboration
  • Financial and resource management
  • Priority
  • Progress overview
  • Management information with KPIs
  • Effective reporting
  • Strategy management

Planner - Discovery Phase (Understand and Plan)

When a project is agreed upon and initiated, discovery must be conducted to analyze and fully understand the customer's business needs, and to suggest how these can be supported with a viable solution.

When a solution is agreed upon, a delivery to implement it must be defined and estimated, making it possible to continue with implementation based on a firm foundation for a successful project that can be realized on budget, time, and in the right quality.

The Discovery phase is completed when the project scope, project plan and budget are settled.

Planner - Implementation Phase (Build, Validate, Deploy and Handover)

The solution envisioned to support the customer's business needs must be provided. This happens by continuously building and validating solutions with the customer. When the solution is ready, it must be deployed to the customer environments, and responsibility for support, operation and management must be handed over to a service organization, whether it being the customer’s service organization, Fellowmind’s or a combination.

Depending on the project type and size, implementation can be carried out in one or more sub phases (e.g. sprints) where build, validation and deployment is repeated in a series of releases.

The implementation phase is completed when the solution is put into operation.

Planner - Utilize Phase (Support, Operation, Management and Adoption)

Once implementation has been completed, the customer must be able to benefit from the solution provided. At the same time, the completed delivery is an opportunity for Fellowmind to continue to deliver value to the customer in the form of support, operations, management and continued adoption of the solution in the customer organization in order to achieve business value.

In the ideal world, the Utilize phase "never" ends. However, if the customer decides to end the service engagement with Fellowmind, Fellowmind responsibilities must be handed over to the customer itself or a third party in a structured manner to allow continued support, operation and management of the solution.

Planner - Ready-to-use Business Applications, Extensibility Consulting Service

Tailored solutions for your business transforming your business with Fellowmind Unified PPM and tailored scalable applications.

Our Ready-to-use Business Applications Solution, Fellowmind Unified PPM is a plug-and-play suite of apps built and supported by Planner. These Applications follow best practices, market standards and existing frameworks.

For specific and tailored requirements, our Planner Extensibility Consulting Service empowers your organization to customize and extend your productivity suite, aligning it precisely with your unique business requirements. Our comprehensive approach includes:

Functional Analysis: We delve into your business processes, user scenarios, pain points, and areas for improvement during the initial discovery phase.
High-Level Solution Design: Our solution architects outline the proposed architecture, components, features, and benefits of your Microsoft Planner extensibility solution, combining functional and technical insights.
Roadmap and Benefits Plan: Prioritizing next steps and implementation milestones, we provide a clear roadmap for success and help your organization identify and realize its expected benefits.

Unlock the full potential of your Microsoft Planner productivity suite with our expert guidance.

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Kasper Larsen Senior Solution Architect, Modern Work - Microsoft 365 MVP

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