Where communication meets collaboration

No matter where you are, you can stay in touch. See each other, message each other. Fast, easy, and fun. Feels like there are no boundaries anymore.

Close collaboration from anywhere

If companies learned one thing from recent history, it’s to be creative when working from a distance. Microsoft Teams has proven to be a life saver as far as hybrid working is concerned.

Together, even while apart

Join meetings from wherever, whenever, and on whichever device. Experience these events as if you’re in the office together. Isn’t it interesting that even when they work apart, co-workers can still excel in collaborating efficiently and practically?

Microsoft Teams is triumphing around the world, with enormous potential for new opportunities to communicate and collaborate.

Antonia Dahlin
Antonia Dahlin Sales Manager - Fellowmind

Boundaryless communication

Many companies already use Microsoft 365. When you add Teams, you get a smart and affordable option to close the gaps between your employees, customers, and suppliers.

Enhanced cooperation and decision making

Teams is easy to implement and extremely user-friendly. It’s set up directly in the context of the work at hand and can be connected to other tools and apps. Teams’ smooth integration with your CRM, contact center, intranet, or project management optimizes your employees’ toolbox for a happy job experience.

Digital multi-tool for communication

Bring all your communication together and empower collaboration in a logical way with Teams.

(Hybrid) working made easy

Teams enables you to organize meetings with hundreds of participants at once, without adding licenses. Invite employees, customers, suppliers, or anyone you like. Dial in from any device, laptop, phone, tablet, or desktop. Share your presence in real time with co-workers or external users all over the world. There are so many advantages to this tool. And we can’t wait to show you!

Save on cost and operation

Our solution for boundary-free communication helps you take all your current operations – downloads, uploads, online and offline comms, video conferencing – into a unified cloud platform.

Keeping the bottom line in check

Tired of spending a large chunk of your budget on separate communication and licensing fees? We can help you cut down on those expenses. As well as with reduced operation costs, less administration, and fewer support agreements. Do you like the sound of that?

Managed services

Would you like to boost the safety of your digital operations? We understand your demand for greater value as well as flexibility and business continuity.

Adoption and change management

The adoption of technology - and the change required - is one of the biggest challenges organizations currently face. Transformation is as much about people as it is about technology. Using effective guidance and support, we enable your teams to change behavior. To adopt, embrace and make it theirs.