Building a unified data platform for global operations

Reima has made digitalization and data management one of the cornerstones of its strategy. Together, we built a unified, global data and reporting platform and are developing its reporting and analysis processes.

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Challenge Sustainability throughout the product’s life cycle, integrating knowledge-based management in corporate culture
Solution Qlik Sense
Result A unified data platform for global operations, forecasting and prediction

Reima, the leading brand in functional childrenswear, has made digitalization and data management one of the cornerstones of its strategy. Together with Reima, we built a unified, global data and reporting platform and are developing its reporting and analysis processes increasing data utilisation throughout the global organisation with the Qlik Sense solution.

In recent years, Reima, the Finnish manufacturer of functional childrenswear, has expanded its operations strongly into the international market and increased its presence in the Nordic countries and Europe, as well as Russia, China, Canada and the United States. 

To support its growing global operations, Reima has, with the support of Fellowmind, developed its reporting and analytics processes and started to utilise the Qlik technology in its operations. The company has undergone a major reform project, especially with regard to reporting. Now, this modern, global reporting platform serves as the basis for the company’s international operations and provides a unified way of reporting throughout the organisation. The company’s strategic goal is to integrate knowledge-based management into Reima’s corporate culture with the aid of Qlik technology. 

As part of achieving this goal, every one of Reima’s over 500 employees around the world has been provided with the opportunity to use the Qlik Sense analytics solution to help them with their day-to-day operational work. For a long time now, analytics has played a very important role in Reima’s operations. Different ways of utilising reporting and analytics are constantly being developed so that the Qlik solution would serve the business as comprehensively and efficiently as possible. 

View the highlights of the project in this video.

Data is a key competitive advantage in our industry, and that’s why it plays a such an important role in Reima’s business operations. Forecasting and predicting the future is based on experience and data collected from various sources, which we already have. The better data we have, the better we can prepare for the future.

Jari Mäenanttila, Chief Information Officer, Group ICT Director, Reima

A unified data platform for Reima’s global operations

Reima uses a unified cloud-based data platform that enables centralised data management for the company’s various units and international business groups, as well as extensive data utilisation applications, such as advanced analytics with machine learning, efficient reporting, and versatile business data analysis. Information is transparent and up-to date throughout the organisation – real-time information is utilised, e.g., in daily decision-making. Of Reima’s net turnover, 80% comes from international markets, which include over 70 countries on three continents. Wholesale is the largest distribution channel, but direct sales to consumers have also increased in popularity in both stores and online. A unified data and reporting platform provides an overall view of all of Reima’s global operations and various sales channels.

At Reima we’re undergoing a significant change – data and digitalisation have been selected as the basis for everything we do. We consider the utilisation and transparency of data very important, which is why all our employees around the world have access to the reports and data produced with Qlik Sense.

Important to Reima: sustainability throughout the product’s life cycle – analytics supporting the goal

In addition to the promotion of mobility, healthy values and digitalisation, Reima’s strategic goals include sustainability and environmental friendliness. Since Reima is a global player, the products and the entire supply chain play a significant role in terms of sustainability. Reima pays special attention to, e.g., extending the life cycle of products and promoting their reuse and recycling.

With the aid of modern analytics, Reima can, for instance, further improve the quality and environmental friendliness of clothing without compromising on safety and usability. The advantages of advanced analytics include, e.g., supply chain analytics to optimise the entire process from order to payment and finances, as well as product analytics to enable better product range decisions. Modern technology and Reima’s unified reporting and data platform also speed up the process from business analysis to decision-making.

Reima’s business partner

Reima and Fellowmind have been collaborating for a long time on the utilization of data and analytics. We support Reima in its global data strategy that aims at an even more effective corporate culture of knowledge-based management. The cooperation continues and new applications for analytics are continuously being developed. 

The globally operating Reima sees digitalisation and data driven management as one of the megatrends of this era, along with health and wellbeing and the fight against climate change. These also make an integral part of our entire operations. We are constantly working with Fellowmind to better leverage digital solutions in our business operations and to engage in even more effective knowledge-based management. We are pleased with the cooperation,’ says Jari Mäenanttila, Reima’s Chief Information Officer, Group ICT Director. 

It’s great to work with an internationally growing Finnish company that invests in knowledge-based management and has a clear data strategy. Reima has an extensive distribution channel in Finland and worldwide, so uniform and comprehensive data collection and analysis, as well as data utilisation to develop the business operations, provides a very good basis for business growth and expansion.

Tommi Pylvänen, Fellowmind

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