A365 from Annata – a complete overview of the entire value chain

For those of you managing vehicles, machines or heavy equipment throughout the full product lifecycle, there is A365 from Annata. It gives you the extended overview you need.

Take your business to the next level

A365 from Annata is an end-to-end future-proof solution for the automotive and machinery industry. This industry-specific solution is designed to streamline your processes and provide a competitive edge to your business. 

With the ever-changing business landscape of today, you need a robust solution, providing you with all the essential tools to meet your operational needs but also to inspire innovation and help you become the number one in your industry.


Annata 365 för automotive, machinery och heavy equipment

Meet the challenges facing your industry

The A365 business solution is deeply embedded in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem and offers functionality that helps manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and rental companies meet the challenges facing the industry today.

With tools such as IoT, AI and cloud services, for example, you can ensure that all your employees have access to mobile applications that enable them to perform their processes professionally, accurately and in a timely manner – wherever they are.

A365 from Annata is an industry-specific solution that takes care of machinery and equipment throughout the entire value chain – from manufacturing and configuration to scrapping.

Martin Cederbom
Martin Cederbom Industry Manager, Fellowmind

The power of three

We usually talk about the power of three and how this setup is an enabler for your business, to get to the next digital level. 

Microsoft with their technology stack.

Annata with their industry-specific solutions.

Fellowmind as the system integrator for all of these technologies.

With A365, we have an ERP system that is fully adapted for the management of our machines. It supports our processes and the way we want to work.

Bo Rönn Group CIO, Danish Agro

Functionality in A365 for Dynamics

Fellowmind is the preferred supplier of A365 and together with Microsoft and Annata's international delivery organization, we can offer you, who work with expensive machinery to:

  • Quickly get started with standardized business processes for your industry and make you more agile in the ever-changing world. 
  • Become agile to quickly adapt your business to new technology or changing customer needs. 
  • Fully integrate all the key business processes. 
  • Strengthen your commitment to your customers at all levels. 
  • Have always-on access to real-time, global data through Power BI on sales, opportunities, and trends. 
  • Create a proactivity for each individual to prevent errors. 
  • Move multiple existing broken-grade systems to a standardized solution in the cloud. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity by integrating all the most important business processes into the ERP system.

Want to know more?

Martin Cederbom
Martin Cederbom Industry Manager, Fellowmind

We at Fellowmind have over 20 years of experience in implementing business-critical system solutions for growing companies. If you want to know more about how we can help you choose the right ERP system for your business, you are welcome to contact us.