Field service

It can be challenging juggling work orders, service contracts, and equipment maintenance history. Imagine having all that and more in one application. We can help you there.

Simplified IT maintenance

As a service manager, you and your customers long for the “first-time fix” whenever a service order is put through. We can set you up with the Dynamics 365 Field Service application to help achieve that.

The height of efficiency

Carrying out service orders is simpler when you use our smart Field Service app. The more the service criteria match in the system, the more efficiently you can work. The system:

  1. Sends you the service order.
  2. Suggests ways you can minimize your travel time, which maximizes your working time.
  3. Reminds you about any necessary skills or tools you’ll need for the job.

Completed the order? Your customer gets an automatic customer satisfaction survey email. Which gives you renewed insights for any service improvements.

Customer satisfaction, team productivity, and profitability are at the center of any Field Service organization. The bar for excellence is set high.

Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Director, Business Applications - Fellowmind Denmark

Technician or salesperson?

It’s true: as a technician, you can be your company’s best salesperson. You don’t have to use slick sales tactics, but can rely on good old-fashioned trust, expertise, and confidence in your work.

Knowledge sharing goes digital

You’ve reassured your customer and fixed their problem. Thanks to years of expertise, you know what can be done smarter to get the job done better. Add that to the customer sales file! The info can be used again when you or your co-workers next approach the customer.

The future of field service

Using artificial intelligence and Internet of Things to enhance (preventive) maintenance? We’ve improved our general Microsoft Field Service functionality to give you enhanced resources like AI, fleet management, remote diagnostics, and maintenance.

A bird’s-eye view

Like to see the entire service overview? We arrange a unified data transfer that gives you full visibility. Zoom in and out of all maintenance and field work processes and work phases. Because we utilize Dynamics 365, you get integrated elements of sales and customer service in your field service solution.

Managed services

Would you like to boost the safety of your digital operations? We understand your demand for greater value as well as flexibility and business continuity.

Adoption and change management

The adoption of technology - and the change required - is one of the biggest challenges organizations currently face. Transformation is as much about people as it is about technology. Using effective guidance and support, we enable your teams to change behavior. To adopt, embrace and make it theirs.