Deliver excellent service with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

A comprehensive solution for field service optimization and prediction. Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service to organize your mobile staff’s jobs and optimize routes and resources to maximize work efficiency and productivity.

Providing better and more effective field service

Data that is timely and updated in real time is crucial for making field service more efficient. With Dynamics 365 field service, you can manage work orders, maintenance agreements and equipment maintenance history, optimize routes, manage tasks and ensure the easy and efficient resourcing of work tasks.

Fellowmind has also extended its functionality to include predictive maintenance and the combination of remote maintenance and field service. The field service solution makes the work of both management and field staff easier and more efficient.

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Achieve the coveted First-Time Fix as a field service manager

As a field service manager, your ultimate goal is to resolve service requests quickly and effectively on the first visit. Our Dynamics 365 Field Service solution is designed to make this a reality for you and your clients.

  • Prompt dispatch: The system efficiently routes service orders directly to you
  • Travel optimization: It provides recommendations to reduce travel time, allowing you to focus more on service delivery
  • Preparedness prompts: You’ll receive timely alerts about the skills and tools required for each task, ensuring you’re always ready for the job at hand

Benefit from personalized customer interactions and smart automations

Enhance your field service experience by automating personalized customer interactions. Keep your customers informed with automated service reminders and notifications via email and SMS, and gain valuable insights by sending personalized customer surveys after field service calls.

Use AI in your daily business to become faster

Optimize work order management by leveraging generative AI to expedite the creation of work orders, streamline technician scheduling, and automate customer email responses for enhanced productivity. Stay informed and maintain current knowledge of work orders with ease, thanks to the intelligent summary feature that simplifies information access. Furthermore, utilize AI-powered analytics and interactive dashboards to identify and act on opportunities for performance optimization.

Use mobile devices to streamline field service tasks

With a mobile app, your field staff has access to customer data, their own assignments that are updated, and work entries. You can now easily chat with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service to update work orders quickly. If it gets complicated, your technician can get assistance remotely in real time with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

Optimize your routes and resources for more efficiency

Dynamics 365 Field Service helps you optimize and route your resources. Thanks to accurate real-time information, you can send the right specialists to the right places at the right time – with the necessary equipment and spare parts.

We understand extensive systems, in which mobile field service is an important part of the company’s business. We combine field service management with the company’s entire ERP system, CRM system, BI solutions and project management. We implement applications and portals that support the management of field operations.

Petri Räsänen
Petri Räsänen CIO - Fellowmind

Stay ahead with predictive maintenance

Keep your operations running smoothly with our cutting-edge predictive maintenance. By analyzing data continuously, we anticipate maintenance needs before they arise, ensuring minimal downtime and an enhanced service experience.

Our advanced field service solution empowers you with AI-driven predictive maintenance, optimized resource allocation, and comprehensive fleet management. Experience seamless remote diagnostics and maintenance, all while maintaining complete transparency over every step of your maintenance and field service operations.

Remote diagnostics, remote maintenance, and AR/VR solutions for field service

Remote diagnostics can be used to assess maintenance needs and solve problems without being physically present. With the aid of virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR), the maintenance person can participate in the maintenance process regardless of their location. Fellowmind combines the Dynamics 365 Field Service solution with the latest new tools for remote maintenance and creates a package that makes your business more efficient. 

Seamless integration for superior service

Leverage the full potential of Dynamics 365 Field Service, integrated with the essential aspects of sales and customer service from Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Sales. Enjoy a unified view of your sales, service, and maintenance activities, all in one place.

Want to know more?

Petri Räsänen
Petri Räsänen CIO - Fellowmind

The best way to find out how Dynamics 365 Field Service can help you is to reach out to us, and we will provide you with a series of use cases that can be tailored to your specific challenges.