Unified project operations

Does your team have the right tools to deliver high-quality results? We believe trusted customer relationships are built on outstanding project experiences.

Automate your projects

Are you ready to optimize your resources, gain more business insights, and win more bids? We make technology work for you and your employees.

Utilizing Dynamics 365

Like to work with a leading Microsoft partner in Europe? We put you in the driver’s seat with Dynamics 365. From there, you can manage entire project-centric services businesses by connecting and empowering these teams:

  • Sales
  • Project management
  • Resourcing & delivery
  • Contract management
  • Accounting

Of course, the system is important. But without a trustworthy relationship and the right people, you still can’t start building.

Mikael Eliasson CEO - Radiator VVS

Build on a solid foundation

We get it: you need a solid base whenever your team starts a project. Dynamics 365 makes your project management more effective with: 

  • Organizational scenarios to win more project contracts 
  • Optimized enterprise-level resource utilization 
  • Accelerated project delivery 
  • Minimized cost and maximized profitability  

Quick resource allocation

Struggling to find the right resources at the right time? Our cloud solution helps you find that needle in the haystack.

Match people to projects

Time is short. Use our platform’s resourcing insights, scheduling, governance, and skills matching to identify the right person for any project. You can also easily embed Microsoft Project capabilities. For instance, use Kanban boards or Gantt Charts to manage your projects flexibly.

Easily record time and expenses

Looking for an improved and safe way for your employees and you to record your efforts? We have a solution for you!

On-the-go time and expense sheets

Filling out time and expense sheets can be easier and more user friendly than you or your employees imagine. Use our time-saving standardized entry and approval solution to record on the go. From your phone, laptop, or desktop. And using actionable insights helps you consolidate your project sales and financial data to rapidly adapt to market demands.

Managed services

Would you like to boost the safety of your digital operations? We understand your demand for greater value as well as flexibility and business continuity.

Adoption and change management

The adoption of technology - and the change required - is one of the biggest challenges organizations currently face. Transformation is as much about people as it is about technology. Using effective guidance and support, we enable your teams to change behavior. To adopt, embrace and make it theirs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Moving your business to the cloud? Our secure solutions include Microsoft Dynamics 365. An integrated, full-view platform to accelerate your digital transformation.