Unify all your data workloads with Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is a revolutionary new data platform for all analytical workloads. It reimagines how organizations access, manage, and act on data and insights by connecting every data source, analytics service, and data professional together on a single, AI-powered platform. All your data. All your teams. All in one place.

A unified data platform for all analytical workloads

Microsoft Fabric includes seven new experiences - each offering its own unique set of capabilities - unified by a central data foundation, OneLake. Whether you are looking to ingest data from a multitude of sources, establish a modern data warehouse or lakehouse, or connect to a world of real-time streaming data, there is an experience tailored for you.
In Microsoft Fabric, you’ll find the following experiences:

  • Data Factory
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Science
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Data Activator (coming soon)

Download and read our guidebooks for more detailed information about the new experiences.

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Blazing-Fast Harmonized Analytics with OneLake and Direct Lake

With OneLake at its core, Microsoft Fabric unifies data disciplines and enhances collaboration across all data professionals. OneLake ties together all the tools, experiences, and technologies – and, by doing so, the people working in it. It's never simpler to quickly share important work with the right coworkers!

On top of that, we have Direct Lake - the most ambitious data processing engine yet - capable of instantly rendering Power BI datasets with real-time updates to their data.

With Direct Lake, users can access live data directly from their Power BI reports without limiting their DAX, or worrying about performance degradation. It combines the best of all worlds: the power of VertiPaq, DirectQuery, and the Delta Lake Parquet file format.

Every corner of Microsoft Fabric is infused with innovative ingenuity, but what feels magical to me is how everything integrates to encourage collaboration among all data professionals.

Mathias Halkjær Petersen
Mathias Halkjær Petersen Principal Architect, Fellowmind

What About Our Current Data Platform?

From a Power BI perspective, everything we know and love about Power BI will continue as usual, except our toolbox just expanded overnight with new capabilities. New tools that any data professional, well-versed in Azure Synapse Analytics, will recognize and be able to work with immediately.

Microsoft Fabric is not here to replace either Power BI Pro, PPU, Premium, and Azure Synapse will continue running in their current form enhanced by the new Microsoft Fabric capabilities.

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Data Warehousing in Microsoft Fabric

Exploring the evolution of Power BI using Direct Lake

The Data-Driven Organization: End-to-end data analytics in Microsoft Fabric

Get inspired by the new possibilities

Dive into the realm of unexplored possibilities with Microsoft Fabric. Witness the fusion of AI-powered analytics and cutting-edge data processing, designed to spark innovation and drive efficiency. Feel the power of real-time insights and collaborative data experiences. Be a part of this transformational journey, where data is not just managed, but unified.

Are you already hyped?

Our experts have already prepared guidebooks for you to download and get more input on how Microsoft Fabric works and how you can start to use it.

Consider these guidebooks your quick introduction to the features, concepts, and best practices of Microsoft Fabric. Learn how to use the platform to leverage analytical capabilities for everyone and accelerate your data insights. 

Power BI

Power BI, our reliable tool for data modeling and visualization, will continue as we're accustomed to. Any reports, datasets, or dataflows you currently use will still function within the Microsoft Fabric environment.

Power BI will simply be enhanced by Microsoft Fabric's additional capabilities.

Data Factory

Empower data engineers and data warehouse engineers to fetch data from any data source effectively and flexibly.

By combining the low-code visual transformation capabilities in the upgraded dataflows with the scalability of data pipelines, Data Factory in Microsoft Fabric offers us the most powerful, wide-ranging, and flexible data integration toolbox to date. Moreover, the powerful orchestration capabilities of pipelines turn Data Factory into the control center of how your data flows.

Synapse Data Engineering

Empower data engineers to transform data at scale and build a lakehouse architecture as easy as 1-2-3.

Streamline data processes by removing integration complexities. Microsoft Fabric enables the creation of a "lakehouse”—using Delta format—combining data lake and warehouse capabilities. Users can then interact with the data using SQL endpoints, Power BI, or powerfulSpark pools, with optimized performance.

Synapse Data Science

With data science in Microsoft Fabric, you can utilize the power of machine learning features to seamlessly enrich data as part of your data and analytics workflows.

Data science is a crucial component of modern businesses, driving informed decision-making and predictive insights by leveraging the power of analytics. The Data Science experience in Microsoft Fabric includes Notebooks, Models and Experiments.

Synapse Data Warehouse

The Date Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric utilizes all the data values in one single entry point for usage. With standard SQL language support and the ability to execute stored procedures and functions, this service gives you all the power of your hard-learned SQL skills in one unified experience.

Moreover, the security and access control are also maintained using the well-known SQL scripting language. All in all, a single SQL service that unifies all the data entities into one user experience.

Synapse Real-time Analytics

With the new real-time analytics service in Microsoft Fabric, the ability to read, handle, and work with immutable data sets is now available to everyone without having to pay for a stand-alone service.

The Kusto engine, which resides as the data processing engine under the hood, is second-to-none compared to querying huge amounts of data and returns the result set within a matter of milliseconds. The current implementation of Kusto in Microsoft Fabric can save data in the OneLake directly as parquet files, and later the Delta files will be supported.

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Mathias Halkjær Petersen Principal Architect, Data & Analytics

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