Empowering People, Businesses, and Society: Fellowmind's 2023 ESG Report Highlights

At Fellowmind, we perceive digital technology as more than mere code and circuits - it’s about people. Within this binary realm lies an unprecedented opportunity: to forge meaningful connections for our customers, empowering them to thrive in an interconnected world.

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Make people flourish 

Fellowmind is built around our people. By putting our Fellows at the core, we create a resilient foundation for all our accomplishments and future endeavors. It is our collective expertise and experience - engaging both hearts and minds - that differentiates us and contributes to our joint success. 

In Sweden, Fellowmind has five Mood Managers boosting our culture and making sure that things that are supposed to happen, really do happen. With their present we make sure that our culture and values are part of everything we do – and that you feel at home and familiar when interacting with us. Whether it’s by entering an office, scrolling our social media, or attending an event. With the mission to create internal bridges, strong relationships (within the company, to the company and also to our customers of course) and elevate “the daily” to something more they make sure that our offices not only run smoothly – but also flourish! 

At Fellowmind, we highly prioritize empowering our employees with autonomy, reflected in our approach to crafting welcoming and sustainable office environments. Our goal is to cultivate spaces where every employee feels valued and motivated to excel. We understand the significance of fostering a supportive ambiance, which is why we meticulously design our workspaces to foster both comfort and productivity. With abundant natural light and cozy interiors, our offices are thoughtfully curated to enhance well-being. 

prime example can be witnessed in Helsinki, where we've reimagined the workplace experience to prioritize employee wellbeing. By conducting thorough surveys to assess the needs of our workforce, we've transformed our premises into a sanctuary promoting wellness and fostering a sense of community. 

At Fellowmind we have a simple but important mission: to foster the flourishing of our people. We prioritize the well-being and empowerment of our employees.

Louise Ol-Ers
Louise Ol-Ers Group Sustainability Manager

Make business flourish 

Our Fellows and customers belong to the same tribe. As the world is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic, collaborations are vital. At Fellowmind, we understand our customers’ business, listen to their needs and speak their language. It is when we become one with our customer, we are able to guide them through their digital transformation journey and green transition towards more sustainable business, creating long lasting value. 

Fellowmind is among the first European Microsoft partner to implement the Microsoft Sustainability Manager within Cloud for Sustainability to OSTP, a Finnish stainless steel tubular product manufacturer. 

Make society flourish 

We have a corporate commitment to society. With a sustainable mindset, we improve the well-being of business but also aim for better broader social, environmental and economic outcomes. 

At Fellowmind, we recognize that many people feel disconnected from society. The rapid pace of digitalization affects certain groups, such as older individuals or those with disabilities. Our mission is to bridge this gap by contributing to a digitally literate society. Creating meaningful connections remains at the core of our purpose.  

Therefore, Fellowmind set aside a fund to support projects or activities aiming at increasing digital inclusion in society, the Digital Inclusion Fund. In 2023, three initiatives were selected and being supported with a fund of 10.000 EUR each on concrete projects on digital inclusion, like the donation to Stoop.nu, a Danish NGO that combats bullyingDigihulplijn, a Dutch organization focusing on assisting people with digital queries and Kodcentrum, a Swedish NGO, introducing kids to programming and digital creation. 

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