Fellowmind Speakers at Fabric February conference in Oslo

We are excited to announce that two of our very own experts are invited to share their knowledge at the first-ever Fabric February conference in Oslo, where all things Microsoft Fabric will be explored.

fabric february event graphic

In the wake of last year's roller coaster ride of tech innovation, Microsoft has opened the door to AI technology in our daily work with the releases of Copilots and Microsoft Fabric. For those of you struggling to keep up with all the new technology that has emerged, Microsoft Fabric reimagines the way you work with data analytics by gathering all your data and insights into one scalable AI-powered platform for analytics, helping you to stay on task and get all data needed to make informed decisions, in very simple terms.

To fully explore this new technology's vast possibilities, a Norwegian initiative has put together some of Europe's most brilliant Fabric enthusiasts to share insights and ideas and foster collaboration at the first-ever international conference, February Fabric, in Oslo.

We are delighted to share that two of our very own Fellowmind experts, Brian Bønk Rueløkke and Mathias Halkjær Petersen, are invited to be there as speakers and share their in-depth knowledge about technology. The two Danish colleagues are both recognized as Microsoft MVPs in Data Platform and have decades of experience in data architecture and data & analytics.

Brian and Mathias were also recently ranked among the top 3 % of active speakers worldwide on Sessionize, and their expertise is highly sought after.

Azure Synapse serverless vs. Fabric warehouse 

In Brian's session, he will take a deep dive into the performance metrics between Azure Synapse Serverless SQL pool and the Fabric Warehouse service. By comparing both engines' performance, attendees will better understand the pros and cons of different data usage implementations in the serverless SQL pool and evaluate the different Fabric Warehouse scenarios to help future users make informed decisions and enhance performance. 

Pitfalls and Remedies for Parallel Data Pipeline Runs

Mathias will take the stage alongside Ivana Jurkiv Ditlevsen, data engineer at engineering company NNE. Together, they will bring to light some of the pitfalls of parallelism and show how to find solutions to ensure pipelines run smoothly by sharing their personal experiences and stories about solving complex issues in pipeline design. Mathias and Ivanna will also explore topics like data integration design, Control flow activities, REST API endpoints for Data Pipelines, and hierarchical pipelines. 

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