Living life to the fullest

Do you know the feeling of talking to someone for just a few minutes and having that instant click? Chances are you’ll get that feeling when you speak with Nicolaj Wichmann, Cloud, Infrastructure & Security expert at Fellowmind Denmark. He’s open-minded and loves to share stories.

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Four years ago, Nicolaj moved with his family from the center of Copenhagen to the countryside. A move he does not regret. The family loves the switch to the hobby-farming lifestyle and the taste of home-grown tomatoes. His kids enjoy collecting honey from their bee colony, while being dressed up in bee suits. “I aim to live life to the fullest. Now I have time to play my instruments, enjoy art and culture, trim the apple and pear trees in our huge garden, and learn how to grow vegetables. We’re only a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Copenhagen, so I regularly go there. It takes a little more effort to meet friends in the city, but we have all the benefits of the countryside.”

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Combining our efforts

“Meeting and engaging with people is very important for me, not only in my private but also in my professional life. In the Cloud, Infrastructure & Security team we work closely with our clients on their journey into the cloud. Our work is based on three topics: Azure, Office365, and EMS. Each involves different distinct components and covers both hybrid and cloud scenarios. Governance and Adoption play a significant role for all subjects, so we often combine efforts across several teams to ensure customers get the value that Microsoft technology offers.”

“For the Swedish agricultural company Lantmännen, we built a Cloud platform. I like the partnership we have with them. It feels like you’re a part of their organization when you work so closely together. As the linking pin in the project, I am in contact with all stakeholders, which gives me a lot of energy.”

As an open-minded guy, I get energy by talking to people, organizing workshops, and engaging with people.

Nicolaj Wichmann Cloud, Infrastructure & Security expert at Fellowmind Denmark

Growing partnership

“Transparency is at the heart of our partnership with another client. It is an engineering company that manufactures satellites for ships at sea, and we support them to modernize their business. The partnership has blossomed because we have been working with them for a while now. We are seen as trusted advisors as we’re transparent about what we can deliver. And of course, we put our money where our mouth is.”

Nicolaj loves challenges and sees a rosy future for Fellowmind, which recently combined twelve companies to create a new brand. “It’s great to work with so many people and get to know colleagues in other countries. As an open-minded guy, I get energy by talking to people, organizing workshops, and engaging with people.”

Finally, some words of wisdom from Nicolaj: “Be true to who you are as a person and don’t conform to the organization. I believe diversity in any company is essential.”