Inpay supercharges growth journey with migration to Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Fellowmind has assisted Inpay in their migration from an on-premises environment to Microsoft Azure

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Challenge To ensure that their internal processes would keep up while upscaling the company, Inpay wanted to migrate to Microsoft Azure Public
Solution Microsoft Azure Public Cloud
Result The solution ensures that scaling of services and resources takes place in a standardized way, contributing to the company's continuous visions for growth

The Danish fintech company Inpay delivers cross-border payments solutions worldwide. The company has been on an exponential growth journey over the past few years, expanding from 40 to 200 people in six years. Growth that is expected to continue yet further alongside Inpay’s ambitious commercial plans, and that has successfully cemented them as one of Europe’s fastest growing Fintechs.

Due to this steep growth curve, Inpay was looking for an IT solution that could ensure that their internal processes would keep up while upscaling the company. Therefore, they wanted to migrate from their on-premises environment at a Danish hosting center to Microsoft Azure Public Cloud. With a shortage of time and limited in-house capacity for a project of such size, Inpay scoured the market for a project partner. Meeting their expectations to budget and their desire to collaborate with a Danish partner, they ended up choosing Fellowmind.

Build on Azure Managed Services

The project was divided into 3 phases beginning in December 2021 with a workshop with the purpose of clarifying the upcoming process. During the session, the cloud solution was designed and the practical preparatory work to migrate Inpay's environment to the cloud was initiated.

It was decided to use Fellowmind's Azure Managed Services, a platform that builds on the basic principles of the Microsoft Enterprise-Scale reference architecture, but also includes practical experience from Fellowmind. It's all delivered in a single, code-based platform package that's easy to implement. With Azure Managed Services, you ensure a high degree of security and in addition, the solution makes it easy to scale up services and resources in a consistent and standardized way, which for Inpay was an important element in their growth strategy.

Once the design was in place, Fellowmind set out building the solution, and in June 2022 the cloud migration of Inpay's data center began, being fully implemented in December 2022. According to Troels Andersen, Senior IT Project Manager at Inpay, the collaboration has worked excellently:

"The collaboration with Fellowmind has worked really well. We have been particularly pleased with the fact that we have had a permanent project manager and a technical expert attached, both of whom have showcased dedication and consistency during the course of the project," Troels Andersen says and continues: "In addition to our direct contacts, we have also had experts from Fellowmind coming in to support us in the various phases of the process. This has worked great as a supplement, but it has also been nice not having to start from scratch with new consultants every single time".

A trusted advisor in Fellowmind

With the new cloud solution, Inpay is now responsible for maintenance themselves, which has its clear advantages. Among other things, the waiting time when technical problems arise has been greatly reduced, as Inpay no longer needs support from the hosting provider. Nevertheless, the new solution also entails new and greater demands on the company's internal competencies:

"Now that we have access to the data center in the cloud ourselves, the frustration of waiting for support has disappeared, but there is obviously a huge learning curve in coming from a situation where others take charge to suddenly being responsible for everything ourselves. There is a lot of new information that you have to consider and absorb," Troels Andersen says.

Therefore, Inpay has also used Fellowmind's consultants for various expert questions when the need has arisen. Troels Andersen believes that the the fact that they have been able to turn to Fellowmind on an ongoing basis and discuss both the previous and the new Azure environment has made the transition easier:

Microsoft Azure Public Cloud provides far greater self-ownership and means that we are more proactive about maintenance. With the support of Fellowmind, we've been able to overcome the challenges traditionally associated with a migration project of this scale and have been able to confidently work with the new platform from the get-go.

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