Microsoft Power Platform

The digitization of business processes presents companies with a significant yet unavoidable challenge. Power Platform helps you to achieve your goals intuitively and quickly. Use its powerful tools to gain insight from data, automate complex processes, build apps, and more!

Extract value from data

Data is increasingly important to stay innovative and successful. Power Platform lets you extract value from raw data. Using this powerful application platform, you can mobilize your company's data and link it to hundreds of sources.

You don't need programming knowledge to get started with apps, analytics, workflows, and automating business processes. The platform consists of Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. These are versatile tools that eliminate the need to rely on outdated tooling or gut feeling when making important decisions.

Build powerful applications

Want to build apps on top of the Dynamics 365 platform and automate your business processes without programming knowledge? The low-code development platform Power Apps allows you to do so without writing a line of code, lowering the threshold for building features that previously needed custom work.

Gain more insight

With Power BI, everyone in your organization can start using business intelligence. You don't need a background in BI, data mining, or data science to extract value from data. Through comprehensive dashboards and powerful reports, you can gain insights that were impossible before. This is Power BI in a nutshell:

  • Overview: keep an eye on your finances, operations, and performance and make better-informed decisions based on real-time analytics.
  • All in one: easily link and utilize various data sources from different (external) systems.
  • Easy to use: as Power BI is a self-service tool, minimal training is required to create and share reports.
  • Universal: For many sources, there is a standard interface available. Examples include Dynamics AX, Excel, SQL database, and Google Analytics.

Automate business processes

With Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), you effortlessly create workflows and automate complex processes or routine tasks across apps and services. Work more efficiently by automating, for example, push notifications, content management, and business processes with defined steps.

Power Automate enables you to create customized workflows and includes convenient ready-to-use templates, making it an excellent solution for automating recurring and time-consuming tasks. It integrates with 200+ services, including Microsoft's own and external services such as Google Drive, Trello, Twitter, and Salesforce.

Build intelligent chatbots

Building bots for automatic follow-up of customer queries was, until recently, something only specialists could do. Power Virtual Agents changes that, allowing anyone to build bots and use advanced tools to make them intelligent. When combining bots with the capabilities of other Power Platform tools, you create digital agents that deliver value to customers quickly.

Safe and secure

A significant advantage of the Power Platform is that you don't need any programming knowledge to get started with it. Another benefit is the Common Data Service (CDS), which forms the heart of the platform. This secure database hosted in Azure Cloud is where all company data and applications are stored safely. Subsequently, Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate can efficiently utilize this information.