BI & advanced analytics

Want business intelligence and advanced analytics at your fingertips? Hit the ground running with our Microsoft-based solutions.

Securing your business, intelligently

You want your data to benefit from the opportunities data visualization offers. But what kind of platform should that be? Our Microsoft-based business intelligence platform creates the right foundation.

A true multi-tasking tool

Be ready for anything, from data collection to secure storage. From reporting to visualization. And beyond.

With our advanced analytics and interactive data visualizations, you can:

  • create dashboards for insights and prognoses
  • monitor your most important company processes in real time
  • build a data-driven business culture

Data wrangling at its finest

Want to carry out a quick and dirty ad-hoc analysis or build an Enterprise Data Warehouse in the cloud? Then you need to have a good handle on the actual data flow, from source to end user. This way, your data is exported, transformed, and eventually consumed.

Experts in the know

Our Business Intelligence consultants have years of practical cross-industry experience. They can implement ETL (extraction, transformation, and load) processes from various source systems. And iron those out into one integrated platform.

We gather knowledge, experience and important information in a unified system and ensure that all data is automatically moved correctly and securely to users who can make the right decisions.

Oliver Nygaard
Oliver Nygaard Director, Data & Analytics - Fellowmind Denmark

The power of business intelligence

Looking to get new and in-depth insights into things like customer satisfaction, repair times, and marketing campaigns? We give you Power BI (business intelligence).

Make your data visual

This solution consolidates and makes sense out of data from various sources. With Power BI working for you, your data gets processed into interactive reports and real-time dashboards that you can share with ease. Then your business data adds more value. Say hello to Power BI, and bye-bye to relying on outdated figures or gut feeling to make business decisions.

Managed services

Would you like to boost the safety of your digital operations? We understand your demand for greater value as well as flexibility and business continuity.