Fellowmind recognized as a Global Finalist in the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2024 for digitizing sustainability

For the second time, Fellowmind has been named a Global Finalist in the ‘Sustainability Changemaker' category in Microsoft’s Partner of the Year Awards 2024.

Fellowmind partner of the year sustainability changemaker

Amersfoort, The Netherlands - June 27, 2024

Fellowmind was honored among the prestigious global selection of top Microsoft partners for their work on sustainability capabilities, helping OSTP, a Nordic company specializing in welded stainless steel tubular products and related custom equipment to track the path toward net-zero emissions and ultimately continue their work on achieving ambitious sustainability goals.

The Microsoft Sustainability Changemaker Award recognizes and honors companies that make significant contributions to sustainability through innovative and impactful use of technology. Doing so highlights the front runners in developing solutions to address environmental challenges, promote sustainable practices, and drive positive change in their communities and industries.

Fellowmind creates solutions that connect systems, break down data silos, and help customers access real-time data and transparency on a variety of ESG data, carbon emissions in particular. The solutions are built on Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and Microsoft Fabric, which provides real-time reporting and helps companies stay ahead of regulatory requirements.

Fellowmind is a partner who understands industrial production and proactively offers us solutions on a wide scale.

Anders Brännbacka
Anders Brännbacka Operations Development Manager, OSTP

In 2023, Fellowmind implemented Microsoft’s Cloud for Sustainability as one of Europe's first partners and customers. Together with OSTP, Fellowmind, implemented Microsoft Sustainability Manager, also integrating it into the OSTP Microsoft data platform, facilitating the tracking of the company’s progress toward net zero emissions. The previous quotation app for OSTP's sales personnel was developed by Fellowmind and includes not only quotes and prices but also emissions through an accessible interface that will also benefit from the real-time emission data available thanks to the implementation of Microsoft's Sustainability Manager.

Reducing carbon footprint requires accessing and analysing data to identify areas for improvement. Yet, making this data available is often complex due to integrating diverse systems, business processes, and external partners along the value chain.

Implementing Microsoft Sustainability Manager at OSTP supports both Fellowmind’s and Microsoft’s missions by simplifying emission data collection, calculation, and reporting processes. This reduces the workload on individuals involved, decreases resource dependency, and enables wider sharing of results and insights with stakeholders, fostering greener decision-making and increasing positive impacts.

By merging Microsoft's technology with our solutions, we help customers improve their business processes and drive for a more significant sustainable impact. Doing so allows us to work on our own ESG long-term targets to support our customers in their green transition.

Louise Ol-Ers
Louise Ol-Ers Group Sustainability Manager of Fellowmind

Driving sustainability through digital innovation

At Fellowmind, we believe digitization & sustainability go hand in hand. The massive amount of different kind of data from data sources across entire value chains requires well established and managed data management of ESG data and automating manual workflows and reporting. Data estate management and process digitalization are at the core of Fellowmind's key competencies.

We empower our customers to enhance their sustainability efforts by enabling them not just to collect and report environmental data, but also to gain insights into ESG data through automated business processes, data connections, and actionable insights— all supported by our Holistic Offering and Connected Company value proposition.

About Fellowmind:

In 2021, European companies from six countries- the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland-united as Fellowmind, merging diverse industry knowledge and tech expertise to elevate our digital presence.

At Fellowmind, we place people at the heart of everything we do. Our approach digitizes what makes sense and leverages human skills where they matter most, ensuring technology works seamlessly for everyone. Over the years, we have grown steadily, building a reputation for excellence and innovation.

Our success is bolstered by a long-standing partnership with Microsoft. As a member of the Microsoft Inner Circle and multiple-time Microsoft Partner of the Year, we are certified in all Microsoft Partner designations. Today, Fellowmind stands as a beacon of innovation, advancing towards the infusion of AI into our collaborations, transforming businesses into Connected Companies, breaking down silos, and ensuring data flows effortlessly throughout the business ecosystem.

Additional achievements by Fellowmind for Partner of the Year 2024:

From over 4,700 submissions spanning more than 100 countries, Fellowmind has been recognized by Microsoft in the following categories reflecting our exceptional customer cases and our leading market position globally:

  • Fellowmind Netherlands: Partner of the Year 2024, ESG
  • Fellowmind Finland: Country Partner of the Year 2024
  • Fellowmind Denmark: Country Partner of the Year 2024
  • Fellowmind Denmark: Partner of the Year 2024, Modern Work Enterprise
  • Fellowmind Denmark: Partner of the Year 2024, Cloud Infrastructure

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