Fellowmind People & Technology Report 2022: check the key findings in this infographic

How do companies deal with the challenges of digitalization, collaboration, and communication? We recently asked over 3000 IT and business decision-makers in six European countries. Check out the results in the Fellowmind People & Technology Report 2022 and the accompanying infographic, which offers an insight into how companies are preparing for the future and leveraging technology to empower employees and become future-proof.

We live in fascinating times in which digitalization goes hand in hand with cultural change. The results of our People & Technology Report 2022 show that although the post-pandemic world is clearly digital, organizations were initially insufficiently prepared.

Over the past year and a half, many have made significant investments in their digital infrastructure and the empowerment of employees through smart digital solutions. This development aligns with our vision that non-digital business will become extinct in a few years as digital technology plays a vital part in every organization. With that in mind, it is crucial to ensure that people adopt and enjoy working with technology.

Fellowminds mission is to support companies in transforming their business for a digital era in which people are at heart, making use of technology that works for them.


About the study

The relationship between technology and people has changed massively. Companies in manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture are speeding up their automation, AI, and robotics investments to mitigate risks and stimulate innovation and efficiency. Besides, from finance to retail and utilities to government, we see heavy investments in cloud solutions to securely facilitate their workforces and optimize customer experiences.

Technology does not change everything for the better, though. Many organizations struggled to keep up with the required pace of digital transformation, and employees needed to get used to the 'new normal', dealing with technical challenges and new ways of collaborating and communicating.

This study was instigated to provide insight into how organizations in Europe look at this digital transformation. It was conducted by Dutch research agency Markteffect among 3,058 IT and business decision-makers in the Netherlands (530), Germany (505), Sweden (502), Poland (500), Finland (511), and Denmark (510). The respondents come from various industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, finance, retail, and agriculture. The fieldwork was conducted between 23/08/2021 and 13/09/2021.