The joy of getting things done

It’s a good sign when an employee returns to your company for the third time. The positive atmosphere and good work-life balance were the main reasons for coming back to Fellowmind, explains Suzanne Pijnacker, Senior Solution Architect. “What I like about Fellowmind is the attention to people. My job can be challenging at times, but my colleagues always check in with me to hear how I’m doing. The balance between work and private life also fits me perfectly. I think it’s important that work is enjoyable and that there is enough time to get together with colleagues and celebrate.”

Suzanne Pijnacker

Someone who loves to get things done; that’s Suzanne in one sentence. “I like to get down to business rather than having endless conversations. When I can do so with a team of nice colleagues, it gives me all the more energy.”

Celebrating the good life

Besides spending time with customers and at her (home) office, you can find Suzanne more than five times a week at the stables with her jumping horse Olympus. A passion she shares with her youngest daughter. Suzanne practices jumping and dressage and loves exploring the woods with her horse. When her daughter enters jumping competitions, Suzanne is driving the horse truck and can be found coaching on the sidelines. Besides all the outdoor activity, she loves a good glass of port wine and undoubtedly enjoys the good life.

It’s good to be part of a community with a shared vision.

Suzanne Pijnacker Senior Solution Architect at Fellowmind in the Netherlands

“My experience at Fellowmind is that you are part of a large community, divided into smaller groups that focus on different Microsoft solutions. Even though our specializations differ, the entire community shares the vision of making technology work for people. As Senior Solution Architect, I am responsible for technical solutions for customers. For example, Dynamics 365 apps, Power Platform, integrations with legacy or new systems in the client landscape, and all sorts of handy add-ons for document storage, business rules, and so on.”

Suzanne Pijnacker

A perfect example of cooperation

“During our regular technology cluster team meetings, we share our latest insights about the technology, customer cases, and projects we’re working on. It’s valuable knowing what colleagues are working on and what might be relevant to customers. When I had a customer with a document storage challenge, I overheard one of my coworkers discussing developing a new way of storing documents. So, I investigated if this would be a fit for my customer. Now they are the first to use this new tooling to store documents and attachments within Dynamics 365.”

The cloud is the future for all companies, whether they know it or not yet.

Suzanne Pijnacker Senior Solution Architect at Fellowmind in the Netherlands

“Every customer process is a new opportunity for me to learn. For years I was part of a team of technical specialists at a major Dutch bank. I became familiar with scrum and agile techniques, which still benefit me. I see that having a long-term project brings a close connection with customers. After successfully completing a project, you often get the opportunity to develop new solutions like extending and further developing their CRM system. I also believe cloud migration is the future for all companies, but we must help companies understand the wide range of possibilities it offers. Luckily, we have gained so much knowledge and experience, making us a great partner to support companies in their digital transition.”

“Fellowmind is a group of like-minded people, focused on cooperation and learning from each other. The only thing that I would like to improve is to have more women on the team. Women shouldn’t be frightened by the prejudice that IT is a man’s world. I hope I can be a role model for others. Fortunately, I see more and more enthusiastic young women within Fellowmind becoming specialists in their fields of expertise. If you are looking for an employer with people at heart, where work and fun are both parts of your workday, and where there is a great deal of consideration for each other, look no further.”