Net Promoter Score in Dynamics 365

Do you dare to know your customers’ honest opinion about you? And do you expect them to be loyal if you don’t?

  • 14. september - 13:00-13:30


Do you know what your customers think about your business and your products? Do you regularly ask them for their feedback and how can you expect them to be loyal if you don’t ask them?

The truth is that you can’t have loyal customers if you have no clue what they really think about you. But at the same time, you don’t want to bother them with tedious questionnaires and surveys that takes way too long to answer. Instead, you just need a simple indication about how satisfied they are with you as their supplier.

Make customer feedback a natural and regular part of your customer relationship / engagement management and loyalty program. Automate your surveys, get an overview of customers’ experiences, and act where it creates value.

In short, make it easy to measure, understand and act on customer feedback.

Learn how you can replace complicated questionnaires with few, specific questions, at times that are relevant to your customer.


  • Automate your experience and loyalty surveys
  • Collect the feedback in your Dynamics 365 CRM system
  • Analyze customer feedback
  • Act and create loyal customers


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