Fabric Frenzy

Unleash the boundless potential of Microsoft Fabric: Your monthly source for cutting-edge news and limitless opportunities.

  • Summer break


There is a wealth of new opportunities for data analysis and insight in Microsoft Fabric, and new features are constantly being added making it quite a challenge to stay updated and stay organized.

We want you to be fully updated with the coolest options in Microsoft Fabric. That's why once a month we give you an update on the new features and tips and tricks on how to take full advantage of Microsoft Fabric.

On the last Wednesday of each month, we will make sure to:

  • Give you an overview of the most important new features in Microsoft Fabric
  • Come up with tips and tricks to make better use of new as well as old features
  • Give you concrete examples of cool business applications

Register for the upcoming sessions. You are also very welcome to send us suggestions for features and functions that we should take a closer look at and take up in the next Fabric Frenzy session.

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Mathias Halkjær Petersen
Principal Architect, Data & Analytics